Now They Count

The long winter doldrums are behind us.  The seemingly never ending Spring Training has finally concluded, and the boys are back in town!  Join us as we break down the Mets & Yankees Opening Day, and preview the week ahead against divisional opponents.  The guys debut a new segment, Weekly Wonders, in which they both pick a player on either team they feel is poised to have the best week.  Who did Joe & Lou pick?  The only way to find out is to listen!



2017 MLB Season Preview



Before you head out to Vegas to place your bets for this season, stop by for your in depth 2017 MLB season preview.  Should Mets and Yankees fans keep their schedules open in October?   Which one of the guys has a Mets player collecting some hardware at the end of the season?  No surprise here, but Joe and Lou do not agree on the Yankees or Mets lineup.   Who will be hoisting the World Series trophy this year?  Find out all of that, and much more in this weeks edition.  Plus we answered two questions submitted by fans!

Key to the City


Mets Pitcher, Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey, the “Dark Knight”, has New York buzzing this spring, for all of the wrong reasons.  Is panic beginning to set in, or is this just a veteran working through some kinks as he rehabs from an injury.  The guys weigh-in with what they think, plus how a struggling Harvey would impact this loaded rotation.


All eyes on Yankees rotation

Over in Tampa, fans were treated to a combined no-hitter!  Led by ace Tanaka, the Yankees were able to put together an impressive performance, even for March standards.  Is Joe Girardi any close to naming a 4th and 5th starter?  Has anybody emerged in the race.  The guys dive into the madness with opinions of there own.

Plus, we’ve got an Empire State Baseball Show first, a fan question!!  Who was it?  What was the question?  Tune in to find out, and don’t forget to submit a question of your own.

Halfway to Opening Day


Yankees Masahiro Tanaka, ready for Opening Day

With Spring Training officially at the halfway mark, the guys break down the Yankees and Mets first half storylines.  Who has impressed?  Who needs to work some things out before making the trek up north for the marathon that is the baseball regular season. Is the play of a young Mets outfielder going to force the GM’s hand into a trade?  Is another Mets outfielder playing his way into a backup role?  Come get out of the cold, and warm up with the sites and sounds of Florida weather and baseball.


Mets Outfielder, Michael Conforto

The scissor were out this week in Tampa.  Find out if Joe and Lou agree with the long time Yankees grooming policy, as Yankees touted prospect Clint Fraizer was forced to cut his hair this week, as it has become a “distraction” in the clubhouse.  Also, team USA was able to squeak out of group play, find out if the guys think they have what it takes to make it into the finals, for the first time ever in World Baseball Classic history. 

Long March to April


Greg Bird, Yankees First Baseman

What do Joe Girardi and Star Wars have in common?  They both lead to heated debates between Joe and Lou.  This weeks episode had no shortage of back and forth banter about a quote from Joe Girardi about the playing time of Greg Bird and Cris Carter.  If all of the Yankees keep up the hot pace, how will that affect the position battles as the team heads up north?


Tim Tebow, Mets Left Fielder

Over in Port St. Lucie there is a lot to be excited about as well.  Catcher Travis d’Arnaud continues to impress folks with the bat, while Noah Syndergaard and Jacob DeGrom look like themselves.  How much does Zack Wheeler starting the year in extended spring training hurt the Mets?  Tebow-Mania invades Mets camp this week.  The ex-NFL QB gets the call to big league camp.  How do the guys react to this?  Find out all of that and much much more this week on The Empire State Baseball Show.

P.S.  Get a World Baseball Classic preview towards the end of the show!

Wright or Wrong

wrightmarch2016David Wright traveled back to New York this week, the only problem, he is about a month to early.  He suffered a shoulder injury after he started at DH for two games.  Join the show as the guys discuss how this impacts the Mets as they head into the season, likely without their captain.  Is this a blessing in disguise?  Is it time to over-react to Michael Conforto’s hot start?  You bet it is.



Speaking of overreactions, find out who is excited about the Yankees hot start in spring, and who wants to pump the brakes and wait until April.  The Yankees and Mets are off to great starts this spring, and the Empire State Baseball Show is clicking on all cylinders.  Join the fun now, spread the word, and be a part of the show!

Million Dollar Debate

dellin jaybrucegranderson

The first week of camp was not Drama free in Tampa.  Yankees President Randy Levine had some not so kind words for Dellin Betances, after the team won an arbitration hearing and will pay the star set-up man $3 million this season.  Find out what impact the guys have on this season, and if this relationship can be saved.  Tune in to hear who the two think will be rounding out the Yankees rotation, as a competition begins in Florida.

Over in Port St. Lucie camp has gotten underway without horses and sports cars.  The two give their opinion on Granderson/Bruce/Lagares/Conforto battling for two outfield positions.  Does anybody know what to expect out of David Wright?  Joe and Lou sure don’t.  Plus, does Lou have a crush on a Major leaguer?  Two of them?

Tune in for all of that, plus much more from the first week of Spring Training.


It All Begins

spring-training-2017The guys are back with a brand new podcast!  Join Joe and Lou as they dissect the Mets and Yankees winter moves.  Find out what grades they gave each respected club.  Is Syndergard putting on 15 pounds of muscle a good thing?  Did the Yankees need to sign Cris Carter?  Find out all of that and much more on the first episode of The Empire State Baseball Show.  Follow the link below to listen in.